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Private Investors
Are you investing your money in good, solid, and safe investments that you can count on month after month? Or are you possibly looking for higher returns on your money than you are currently receiving in low interest certificates of deposit (CDs), savings accounts, money market accounts, bonds, the stock market, or your retirement account? Many investors' savings and retirement accounts have been decimated over the last year and a half. We can show you how to invest your money in a self-directed IRA of your choice (administered by Equity Trust or Entrust) which will then allow you to invest your money, tax free*, in higher yielding and safe investments such as positive cash flowing real estate and businesses. If you have an existing 401K or other retirement account, you can rollover as little or as much of your money as you like from your existing account into a self directed IRA and still be able to continue investing in your existing retirement account if you like. (*) You can contact an Equity Trust or Entrust representative to have them explain to you exactly how it works. Entrust has local representatives in most major cities across the United States. And of course, cash or funds from lines of credit work equally as well without the need to have a self directed IRA!
We are conservative, long term, buy and hold, cash flow investors who buy properties at wholesale prices from motivated sellers using state of the art research, marketing tools, automated systems, and repeatable processes. We make money on our deals in more ways than any other type of investment including:
  1. Instant equity in each property because we buy at wholesale prices significantly below market value.
  2. Forced areciation by doing smart / light rehabs which add the most value to a property when we buy.These smart fix ups also allow us to receive top market rents.
  3. Strong monthly positive cash flow from rents which builds long term wealth. WE SIMPLY DO NOT BUY HOUSES THAT DO NOT PROVIDE STRONG MONTHLY POSITIVE CASH FLOW. Strong positive cash flow insures that there is ample money left over on every house we buy every single month after all underlying mortgage debt is paid. This is the key to our success, and is also what allows us to take very good care of all of our private investors!
  4. Increasing annual cash flows from annual rent increases that slightly outpace inflation.
  5. Long term future appreciation. Over the long term, real estate appreciates on average 4.5% per year. We only sell in strong seller's markets when property values are rapidly appreciating. We buy when prices are low, and only sell when houses are selling fast and at a premium with appreciation.
  6. Long term equity build up. As mortgage loans are paid over time with rental receipts, mortgage balances are paid down; thereby building up additional equity in each property.
  7. Tax depreciation on all the assets we own. This is a legal tax deduction / expense which is often referred to as a "phantom expense" which is given to investors based on the fact that all assets have a limited life span.
  8. As buy and hold investors, when we do sell a property, we pay the lowest tax rate available on the profits since we only sell assets properties after owning them at least 1 year which makes them long term assets. Rehabbers or "flippers" pay the highest tax rates available on their profits if they are owned less than 1 year because they are considered short term gains.
  9. We also manage our own residential properties, thereby eliminating residential property management fees. And we only use independent contractors for maintenance work on our properties, thereby eliminating full time employee salaries and benefits. This all means that, not only does our top line look good, but our bottom line looks good as well.
We are not speculators. Since our investments are based on monthly positive cash flow, we know almost exactly how much we will be making every month BEFORE WE BUY a property based on our purchase criteria and current market rents. Our profit is not based on us being able to quickly flip our houses to someone else at a higher price. However, because we buy properties at wholesale prices from motivated sellers and only sell our properties in seller's markets when properties are selling fast and at a premium, we also realize substantial profits when we do sell our properties!
There may NEVER be a better time to invest in real estate in our lifetimes than now! Right now, we have numerous opportunities for private investors (who are typically ordinary individuals with money to lend) to invest in real estate deals with us and receive steady monthly high yield returns on their money. All funds invested in our real estate deals are secured by the real estate itself and all mortgage notes given to our investors are recorded in the county land records to protect your interest just like traditional mortgage loans from banks or mortgage companies!
To find out more about how private money investing works, to receive a copy of our credibility kit, or to receive a FREE Special Report which explains how the whole process works in further detail, please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you right away to answer any questions you might have and to send you the information you requested.
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